Brussels Airport 21 Lies - 21 Leugens - 21 Mensonges

How Arnaud Feist's 21 malicious lies are hindering Brussels Airport sustainable development

Arnaud Feist, Brussels Airport CEO, has recently initiated a misleading advertising and PR campaign in the Belgian press to cover-up for the lack of environmental measures at the airport.  Such "do-nothing" strategy which imposes a heavy burden on Brussels population is not sustainable.   

To the contrary, it should be noted that:
- Brussels Airport current operations impose an extremely high noise footprint on Brussels population.
- True and immediate solutions do exist to support the airport sustainable development.
- Mr. Feist blackmailing attempt on airport jobs is both cynical and mistaken.

As we counted 21 specific malicious lies, you will find below the corrections and true facts for each of them:
- Brussels Airport 21 Lies
- Brussels Airport 21 Leugens
- Brussels Airport 21 Mensonges

Brussels Airport tries to compensate for a flawed industrial strategy with a strong media push, but such move only underlines its repeated lies and a lack of strategic vision.  Trying to beef-up short term profits to the detriment of sustainable development is never the right approach, specially when key infrastructures are at stake.